Details on New Zombie Documentary

2012/06/22 16:17:05 +00:00 | Jonathan James

It has been revealed that Exhibit A Pictures is working on a new zombie documentary, titled Doc Of The Dead. The project is being put together by director Alexandre O Philippe, according to a report from Screen Daily.

While there have been some interesting zombie documentaries that focus on a single movie, Doc Of The Dead is said to "explore zombies on screen in all their manifestations". Philippe is off to a good start, as he has already spoken to Simon Pegg and has locked down George Romero for an upcoming interview.

No one else has been listed at this time, but with Pegg and Romero taking part, we'd imagine it won't be difficult to get others to take part. While we expect all of the big zombie movies to be covered, we're curious to see how thorough the film will be and what obscure zombie films will make the cut.

Source: Screen Daily