Whether you read The Walking Dead comic book series or not, there may have been a bit of confusion about the new characters that appeared in The Walking Dead's mid-season finale. Here's some more information on the characters and the actors who play them:

Tyreese: Played by Chad L. Coleman (The Wire). In the comic book series, Tyreese is traveling with his daughter (Julie) and her boyfriend (Chris). He meets up with Rick before the events of Hershel's farm and was a major asset to the group.

Sasha: Played by Sonequa Martin-Green (The Good Wife). Sasha is Tyreese's sister and is not a character that appeared in the comic book series.

Allen: Played by Daniel Thomas May (The Vampire Diaries). Allen first appeared at the Atlanta campsite with his wife and twin sons.

Ben: Played by Tyler Chase (The Between). Ben is one of Allen's sons and we don't know what happened to Billy in the TV series or if he even exists. In the comic book series, Ben is a young child.

Donna: Played by Cherie Dvorak (The Shield). Donna is Allen's wife and dies off early in the comic book series, before the events of the prison. She is the character who is bitten in the beginning of the most recent episode.

It will be almost three months until we see how these characters interact with the rest of the prison group. If you're looking for more details, we'll have our interview with Chad L. Coleman later this week. To check out the preview video and photos from episode 3.09, visit: http://dailydead.com/new-photos-and-videos-from-episode-9-of-the-walking-dead-season-3/

Source: THR