With Shane Black set to direct the new Predator from a screenplay he co-wrote withFred Dekker, Yautja fans have a lot to be excited for leading up to the film's 2018 release. In a recent interview with Collider, Black touched on a few intriguing details about the anticipated new installment in the franchise.

After confirming that shooting on The Predator is expected to begin around early to mid-February, Black told Collider that he wants the new movie to feature elements of horror and humor:

"I think it should be scary, I think it should be funny, and I think ultimately it should be wondrous and about perceiving things that human beings very seldom get a chance to see…"

It was recently reported that Boyd Holbrook is in talks to star in The Predator after it was revealed that Benicio Del Toro is no longer lined up for the project. While details of the movie's characters have yet to be revealed, Black mentioned to Collider that viewers can expect to see an ensemble that will seek to have the same impact as Dutch's squad from the first film (which included Black as Hawkins), albeit with their own quirks and tweaks:

"I don’t know that we’re going to deviate over much from that, but there are at least a couple of factors that we’ve deliberately chosen to make it not just that group of buff, tough guys."

The Predator is scheduled for a February 9th, 2018 theatrical release. Plot details for The Predator are unknown at this time, but the movie is expected to reboot the franchise while also serving as somewhat of a sequel. Although there has been speculation, it's unclear whether or not Arnold Schwarzenegger will reprise his role as Dutch from 1987's Predator. Stay tuned to Daily Dead for more details on The Predator as they are revealed.

Source: Collider
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