Over the past year, the world of George A. Romero's Night of the Living Dead universe has been expanded and explored through Double Take's first ten comic book series, and if you couldn't get enough of the unique cast of characters (including little Lisa Foster and her epic insults), then you're in luck, because Double Take has announced that they will debut four new comic book series this December, featuring faces both new and familiar from the Night of the Living Dead: Revival stories.

Press Release: October 26, 2016 – New York, NY –Double Take (“2T”) has announced that it will simultaneously release four new series this mid-December. These stories will star new characters as well as familiar faces from 2T’s first ten series set in a creative universe established in the cult classic Night of the Living Dead.

While 2T’s first ten series took place in a 24-hour period in April 1966, readers this time can expect a modern update to the same universe: the new series all take place in present day. But the storytelling is still just as diverse as the first ten series, which started out seemingly as zombie stories, then transformed into other genres: comedy, sci-fi, superheroes.

New series 51, Z-Mart, and Alphabet City will continue the stories of unique characters introduced last year in Remote, Dedication, and Home respectively. And 2T will also give readers a bold, new super-powered tale in Behold.

“Primarily we want to make great content. I think, or I hope, that every publisher has that as a goal. It is one cohesive universe but we want each title to be able to stand on its own,” explained 2T’s senior Story Editor Michael Coast.

New and returning readers can binge the new stories to find the common threads this December 14, 2016.

Behold ($2.50): Superpowers like you’ve never seen before. Collect it all. Know it all. Exploit it all. If you could gain access to anything and everything—even the naked truth—what would you do?

In Behold, 2T takes on a new perspective of what it means to have a “super” power with invisible, weightless heroes.
“These aren’t traditional superheroes who fight crime or try to punch their way to a solution. We have superheroes who really think about crime and who gets to define what is and what isn’t a crime. We also wanted to make sure that every ounce of superpower has its drawback,” said Coast.
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51 ($2.50): Fans of Double Take may recognize the 51-foot giantess as the sharp, witty, resourceful radio DJ Samantha Stanton from Remote. Sam returns in 51 as the queen of all media with high-profile guests—politicians, celebrities, and other public figures—in every issue.
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Alphabet City ($2.50): For centuries New York City has been home to immigrants from all around the world. And, as it turns out, from all around the galaxy. How will the Foster Family settle into their new Home?
In this follow-up to Home, the Fosters try to blend in with the rest of the residents of modern-day New York.
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Z-Mart ($2.50): The employees at George’s Market survive the night of the living dead, but not without some power-ups.
George and his staff of supermarket superheroes build a modern-day empire in this follow-up to Dedication.
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About Double Take

Sixteen years ago, Bill Jemas played a lead role on the team that transformed Marvel from an insolvent comic book publisher and toy manufacturer into a world-class entertainment company. In 2013, Take-Two Interactive Software hired Jemas to start Double Take.

In conjunction with their graphic novels, 2T has developed the world’s first native mobile comic book player. Using panels to create a stop-motion animation effect to bring each story to life, the mobile player gives readers the optimal digital reading experience.

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