Featuring a cinematic showdown between two of the horror genre's most iconic characters, Dracula vs. Frankenstein is coming to Blu-ray this holiday season from Shriek Show.

Directed by Al Adamson, Dracula vs. Frankenstein stars Lon Chaney Jr., J. Carrol Naish, Anthony Eisley, Regina Carrol, Russ Tamblyn, and Angelo Rossito. Shriek Show will release the film on Blu-ray beginning December 13th, and we have official details and a look at the cover art below.

Synopsis and Special Features (via Blu-ray.com): "With a sudden slash of an axe, a woman named Joan is decapitated on a desolate beach at midnight. In a hellish laboratory hidden below the boardwalk Freak Emporium, Dr. Durea (a.k.a. Dr. Frankenstein!) drains the blood of corpses to distill an all-powerful serum. Count Dracula craves the new serum and offers the doctor the hulking body of the original Frankenstein monster in exchange. With a blast of spine-tingling electricity they shock the monster to life and send him on a killing spree for fresh victims. Joan s sister sets out to find her missing sibling and becomes a hostage in Dr. Durea s torture chamber. In her efforts to escape, she falls into Dracula's clutches and witnesses the monster mash of the millennium as the Frankenstein monster and Count Dracula clash in a gut-wrenching, limb-ripping, gruesome brawl to the bloody end.

The special edition Blu-ray includes the following bonus features:

  • Audio commentary by writer/producer Sam Sherman
  • Documentary on Independent International Pictures
  • Rare alternate ending
  • Deleted scenes
  • Deleted scene with Famous Monsters editor Forrest J Ackerman and Dracula
  • Rare 8mm movie location footage
  • Original theatrical trailer
  • TV Spot
  • Extensive photo gallery"

Cover art via Blu-ray.com:

Source: Blu-ray.com
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