One of Daily Dead’s favorite horror events, Drive-In Super Monster-Rama returns to the Riverside Drive-In this September to celebrate its 10th anniversary with screenings of eight horror movies over two nights. This year's lineup includes two films featuring the Collins family—House of Dark Shadows (1970) and Night of Dark Shadows (1971)—as well as Horror of the Zombies (1974), The House That Dripped Blood (1971), and more.

Spanning two nights and showcasing eight films, Drive-In Super Monster-Rama 2016 takes place Friday, September 9th and Saturday, September 10th at the Riverside Drive-In Theatre in Vandergrift, PA.

The celluloid celebration kicks off on Friday with Spanish horror night, featuring 35mm screenings of four films from the ’70s: Horror of the Zombies (1974), Night of the Howling Beast (1975), House Of Psychotic Women (1974), and Curse of the Devil (1973).

The fright-filled fun continues on Saturday with 35mm screenings of House of Dark Shadows (1970), Night of Dark Shadows (1971), The House That Dripped Blood (1971), and The Bat People (1974).

The reels begin rolling at dusk each evening and continue deep into the night. Admission is $10.00 per person and free for children 12 and under (with a parental guardian). If you want to set up camp and sleep under the stars at the drive-in, you can do so for only $10.00 a night with plenty of perks including shower and bathroom access and a hearty breakfast to look forward to in the morning.

The concession stand will be open for business to satisfy those with a sweet or salty tooth, and Creepy Classics and Monster Bash will also be on hand to sell all things horror.

To learn more about the 10th Annual Drive-In Super Monster-Rama, visit:

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