A remake of John Carpenter's beloved 1986 cult classic, Big Trouble in Little China, is in the works with Dwayne Johnson's sights set on playing Jack Burton. Johnson recently discussed the remake, including his desire to get Carpenter and Kurt Russell involved.

Talking with EW, Johnson empathized with both the positive and negative reactions from fans of the original film. Himself a big fan of the Kurt Russell-starring action adventure movie, Johnson wants Carpenter on board to some capacity for the remake:

“It felt like if we surrounded ourselves with the right group of people, the right writers who loved the movie too and wanted to honor it, bring on John Carpenter in some capacity … If we did that, then we have a shot at hopefully making something good.”

In addition to wanting Carpenter involved with the remake, Johnson also mentioned his desire to get Kurt Russell's input on the film's story and style. Johnson also realizes that remaking a film like Big Trouble in Little China may not be possible. If a quality remake can't be done, Johnson said that he and his creative team would put an end to the project rather than force it to the finish line.

Whether or not you're excited about this remake, it's nice to see Johnson bringing the proper respect to this project. We'll have to wait and see to what extent (if any) Carpenter and Russell will be involved.

Recently, Johnson and producers Dany Garcia and Hiram Garcia approached 20th Century Fox with the idea to remake Big Trouble in Little China.

The X-Men: First Class and Thor writing duo of Ashley Miller and Zack Stentz have signed on to write the remake's script. For those unfamiliar with Carpenter's beloved, infinitely quotable Big Trouble in Little China, here's the trailer:

Source: EW
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