IllFonic and Gun Media recently presented a live stream on that provided details and showed off early Alpha gameplay footage of their upcoming title, Friday the 13th: The Game, and we have the video as well as our impressions of the new footage.

The studio was originally working on a game called Slasher Vol. 1: Summer Camp, which incorporated elements from various slasher films, that is, until Sean Cunningham got wind of it and reached out to IllFonic. When all was said and done, the game turned into a fully licensed Friday the 13th game.

IllFonic showed off footage of Kane Hodder performing the in-game kill animations, all of which have been designed by Tom Savini. They also have Harry Manfredini creating the score, making this game a fully-realized immersion into the Friday the 13th universe, which is awesome for those of us out there who have long been waiting for a game that captured just what makes this franchise—and Jason Voorhees—so much fun.

So, let’s get on to the gameplay. I was excited when I first heard about the game, but after seeing the footage reveal, I need to play this as soon humanly possible. Friday the 13th: The Game is a 1 vs. 7 asymmetrical multiplayer game where one player assumes the role of Jason and seven others play as classic teenage fare including the jock, the nerd, the girl next door, and so on.

After a 1980s-style VHS intro, the game starts. Jason is alone in the woods and we hear the voice of Mrs. Voorhees telling us to “hunt them down and make them pay.” While playing as Jason, a sonic blip appears in the distance. This is how Jason stalks his victims and is also the best way to avoid him if playing as a camp counselor. Not only can Jason hear better than normal, but he also has heightened senses that allow him to better see his victims the more frightened they get, indicated by their body heat glowing red. Jason is always out on the hunt, so when you’re playing as a counselor, not only will noise attract him, but visual cues as well, such as a flashlight.

When playing as Jason, what you really want to do is find some unsuspecting counselors and go to work. The footage shown during the stream event does not hold back on the kills, as we see Jason smash a girl’s face into a rock and break her back afterwards, to which the voice of Mrs. Voorhees has some encouraging words for Jason, saying, “That’s my boy.” As Jason works his way towards a cabin while in “rage mode,” he catches someone at the front door and crushes their head in it by slamming the door repeatedly, and we learn that during rage mode, extra brutal kills are possible. Jason then turns, sensing someone else hiding under a bed, and stabs them through the top with his machete.

Emphasizing Jason’s ominous presence is a “morph ability,” which allows Jason to survey the whole area from a heightened perspective to plan his next kill. The IllFonic team also talked about how in the films, we don’t see how Jason gets from point A to point B, he’s just in the right place at the right time, and this game is their answer to that, as we’ll see how he moves around his environment.

Now, don’t be discouraged if you’re playing a counselor. There are a variety of ways to defeat Jason, depending on your playing style. One way to evade Jason is to repair a broken car with parts found around the camp and just drive off, but you’ll be leaving your fellow counselors behind. Another way is to simply call the police and survive until they can get to you. But while working together or alone, there are a variety of possibilities to take the big man down in Friday the 13th, and I like that they are giving us such a wide variety of routes to take.

The locations in Friday the 13th: The Game will also feel familiar to fans of the films, as the live stream featured a replica of the Higgins Haven ranch, barn and outlying area from Friday the 13th Part III. The team also mentioned that the Camp Crystal Lake map plays a large part in the game and yes, you can even go into the lake for a swim if you’re so bold. They also discussed another map that has yet to be revealed.

If you’re looking to support the development of what looks to be the definitive Friday the 13th game, pre-orders are still being taken HERE and contributions will count toward the upcoming stretch goals of the ongoing Kickstarter campaign.

Look for Friday the 13th: The Game to arrive on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC this fall, and watch the new gameplay footage below: