Microsoft officially confirmed the return of ultimate zombie slayer Frank West when they revealed Dead Rising 4 at the E3 Expo, and to give fans a more in-depth look at the anticipated sequel, IGN has released over 12 minutes of blood-drenched demo gameplay footage from Dead Rising 4.

Dead Rising 4: “The ultimate zombie slayer returns in an all-new action packed thrill ride. Let the Slay Ride Begin in Dead Rising 4.”

In addition to bringing back Frank West, Capcom Vancouver's sequel will take gamers on a stroll down memory lane and into the creepy confines of the Willamette Memorial Megaplex Mall, which has its halls decked with holiday horrors. The zombies roam the retail center and the streets beyond its walls in relentless and hungry hordes, but don't worry. Frank's equipped with even more toys this time around.

Dead Rising 4 is slated for a late 2016 release on the Xbox One and Windows 10. Stay tuned to Daily Dead for more updates.

Gameplay footage via IGN:

Source: IGN
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