The Walking Dead #115 kicks off the massive 12-part All Out War story arc in October. While we've already given you a look at the cover art for issue #115, we now have the artwork for #116 and #117.

Originally, these covers were shown off at The Walking Dead comic book series panel at Comic-Con, but recording of exclusive content at the panels is prohibited. Thankfully, it didn't take long for Skybound to release them and we now have them below, thanks to

As previously reported, issues of All Out War will be released every two weeks, so you'll get to read the entire 12-issue arc over the course of six months. Based on the dates below, it looks like the two week cycle kicks off in November. Also, you'll notice that the cover art looks slightly different from the past issues. That is due to the fact that there are two new additions to The Walking Dead art team:

"we’ve got Dave Stewart on cover colors. You know Dave from Hellboy, B.P.R.D., Captain America, Daredevil, Star Wars, and tons of other major titles. We’ve also added Stefano Gaudiano on inks. Stefano did awesome work on Daredevil, Gotham Central, X-O Manowar, and more. We’ve still got Charlie on pencils and Cliff on tones. We’re stoked to have this team working together on The Walking Dead."

We were expecting a full set of preview pages for The Walking Dead #113 yesterday, but we'll definitely something for readers to check out before the issue's release on Wednesday. We'll also hoping to get an early look at the issue, so we'll have impressions up as well if we can get them. Thanks to Daily Dead reader Roy McKeen for the heads up! Catch up on our highlights for The Walking Dead comic book series by visiting the following links:


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ALL OUT WAR continues!
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