In our recent interview with Funko designer Reis O’Brien, he provided us with an exclusive first look at some of The Walking Dead Mystery Minis Series 3 figures, and today Funko unveiled the entire Series 3 lineup that will be available to purchase as blind boxes early next year, including multiple versions of Hershel, Daryl Dixon, Glenn, and Tyreese, as well as Daryl's motorcycle and several ravenous walkers.

Funko's The Walking Dead Mystery Minis Series 3 figures will come out in February 2015. Each vinyl figure stands 2.5 inches tall and although the individual item prices have yet to be revealed, Series 2 Mystery Minis sold for $6.95 apiece, so you can expect a similar price this time around.

In addition to the aforementioned names, collectors can look forward to seeing Mystery Mini depictions of Abraham, Carol, Maggie, and Rick Grimes, with a special glow-in-the-dark walker also in the mix. We have a look at the The Walking Dead Mystery Minis Series 3 figures below (via Funko), including a rarity chart to consult as your collection grows.

Source: Funko
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