Following their vinyl soundtrack releases for Little Monsters and Haunt back in February, Enjoy The Ride Records is teaming up with Back Lot Music for a limited edition vinyl release of Graeme Revell's delightfully deadly score for Bride of Chucky!

We have a look at the official details and Garreth Gibson's new artwork for the Bride of Chucky limited edition vinyl score, and keep an eye on Enjoy The Ride Records' official website when the new release goes on sale this Friday, March 31st, at noon ET!

Enjoy The Ride Records in conjunction with Back Lot Music proudly present a limited-edition vinyl pressing of Graeme Revell's Bride of Chucky Original Motion Picture Score. Composed and Conducted by Graeme Revell and Performed by The Hollywood Studio Symphony, Bride of Chucky is the fourth film in the Child's Play franchise, and where we begin to see a bit of a shift - Andy is out, and Tiffany (portrayed by Jennifer Tilly) is in, along with comedic elements added to the horror film.

The full score, available in any format for the first time, was produced by Mike Matessino and is a 140-gram vinyl 2xLP album with screen printed D side. Housed in a gatefold jacket featuring new artwork by Garreth Gibson, Bride of Chucky also includes a Voodoo For Dummies Replica Double-Sided Insert.

Available Variants
Bloody Massacre Cloudy Red A/B & Heart of Damballa Red Inside Gold C/D, Limited to 300
Chucky & Tiffany Split (Mondo Exclusive), Limited to 500
Chucky Swirl with Splatter A/B & Tiffany Swirl with Splatter C/D, Limited to 600
Lightning Strike Split with Splatter A/B & Cloudy Orange Inferno C/D, Limited to 600

Side A
1. Break In (Main Title From The Motion Picture ‘Bride Of Chucky’)
2. Hello Dolly
3. Incantation
4. Damien Putz
5. Captive
6. That’s Our Chucky
7. Re-United
8. He Hasn’t Changed
9. A Doll To Play With / You’re Dead
10. Chucky’s March / Chucky Attacks / She’s Alive

Side B
11. Voodoo For Dummies
12. Warren Lurking Satan’s Little Helper / Fitup
13. Airbags Can Be Dangerous
14. Harassment
15. The Master At Work
16. Getaway / Warren’s Back / The Honeymoon
17. Death By Mirror
18. Plastic Love
19. Housemaid
20. Dolls Take Charge

Side C
21. Exhumation / Domestic Bliss
22. What Would Martha Stewart Say
23. Tiffany Gets Baked / Escaping The Wreck
24. The Amulet / Hostage Exchange
25. Tiffany Kills Chucky
26. Doll Fight / Jade Kills Chucky
27. Child’s Play 5
28. End Credits (From The Motion Picture ‘Bride Of Chucky’)

Side D
Screen Print of Chucky & Tiffany

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