The Walking Dead Season 6 finale has everyone talking and I caught up with Andrew Lincoln to get his thoughts on the filming of that final scene. Looking back at Season 6, he also discussed his favorite episode of the season, catching up on the comic book series, and planning payback for Norman Reedus' recent pranks.

Seeing the group on their knees in front of Negan was one of the most intense moments of the comic book series and that sense of helplessness really translated well to the TV series. What was your impression of that scene when you first read the script?

Andrew Lincoln: When I read the script, I felt this incredible frustration, powerlessness, and dread. Greg Nicotero was very keen on making a slow and dripping dread that suffocates Rick and the audience as the episode progresses. Everything Rick has worked, fought, and killed for over the last two years is now falling down around him and he's lost with no answers.

It was really intense to shoot. After two days of these extraordinary night shoots, everyone's focus was still so incredible. I drove home thinking, "I haven't felt that sort of ensemble focus before.” It positioned the show in a place that it had never been before. I'm incredibly excited about what's about to happen in the world of this show, and that's saying something after six years.

A lot of people have been anxiously waiting for Negan, especially those who read the comic book series. Before Jeffrey Dean Morgan was cast, there was concern about who would really do this role justice, because Negan is such a charismatic character, but I really think that Jeffrey nailed it. Can you talk about working with the latest addition to the cast?

Andrew Lincoln: When he was cast, I had been aware of Jeffrey's work on Watchmen, and what he did on subsequent roles. He was a huge fan of the show, and he was so excited to get on set. I'm watching and marveling and being thrilled at what he did. To come on to a show that's in its sixth season, and then finish the season with that big old speech, I hope Jeffrey will be playing Negan for many years to come.

Some of the other actors have mentioned that they have no idea who's on the other end of Negan's bat. Is it the same thing for you or do you know who's getting killed?

Andrew Lincoln: Always, when we lose somebody, there is an unspoken pact that we all link arms, look after each other, and only talk amongst ourselves. "Omertà", I think it's called, a code of silence in The Walking Dead. We bow our heads and we keep it sacred, even in a show that has a lot of behind-the-scenes access. There are certain times when we just need to keep it in a sacred space.

Negan is a huge part of the upcoming story in the comic book series and, if Rick survives the season finale, it's going to be exciting to see you and Jeffrey go back and forth. Have you read more of the comic book series since we last spoke? Do you know where the story is heading?

Andrew Lincoln: Yeah, I'm getting back to it. Funnily enough, I'm reading ahead just because I'm interested. It's quite exciting to see how Robert [Kirkman] addresses the different worlds. I'm fascinated by it, about how people reinvent themselves, and how civilization begins again.

I honestly think he's writing some of the best issues he's ever written. I'm really loving where he's going with it.

Andrew Lincoln: You're absolutely right. He's a rare talent and he's also one incredibly quick learner. He's working on TV and film and it's pushing him as a comic book writer. He's an incredibly dynamic creative force.

Looking back at all of Season 6, what were some of your favorite moments? Was there an episode that really stood out?

Andrew Lincoln: I felt the battle for Alexandria was a great episode. I like the ones that hurt me emotionally and physically. I'm a glutton for punishment. That kind of episode is my sweet spot.

It's the most diverse job. That's why I keep looking forward to coming back, because no day is the same. No scene is the same, and everything keeps changing. Losing Jessie [Alexandra Breckenridge] was horrendous, the fights and the battles were all thrilling, and those crazy night shoots with everyone fighting together were great moments. It was so magnetic.

It's lovely that we started with that triumphant feeling and call to arms of an episode. Then you see this incredibly strange, morally challenging position that Rick takes and becomes full of pride, and then he encounters Negan. It's a huge swing that happens in a very short space of time. I can't wait to get back and find out what happened next. It's going to be a horrendous returning episode.

Before we go, I have to ask... I talked to Norman earlier this year and he told me that he pulled a prank on you, where he filled your trailer with chickens...

Andrew Lincoln: Yes he did, Jon. I'm glad that he's telling you how clever he is. He's a sly fox, that guy.

Have you got back at him for it yet?

Andrew Lincoln: Believe me, it's coming. There's a storm coming and it will happen very, very... You will hear about it. Something is building.