With the latest issue of DEADLY - Horror & Sci-Fi Magazine currently available, I thought it would be kind of cool to share with our Daily Dead readers a look at the artistry and skill that went into making the special effects for Ernest R. Dickerson’s 1995 horror comedy, Tales from the Crypt: Demon Knight.

These great photos were provided to us by F/X maestro Todd Masters (Slither, American Mary), who had previously worked on the Tales from the Crypt television series and was brought onto the big-screen production to not only create all the demonic creatures, but to handle Demon Knight’s ambitious gore gags as well.

With Demon Knight celebrating its 20th anniversary this upcoming January, I thought this would be another great way to celebrate one of my favorite (and underrated) modern horror films of all time.

Check out the gallery below and look for my retrospective on Demon Knight in DEADLY Magazine #3, which is available now!

  • Heather Wixson
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