I can't believe it's already been 35 years since the release of the first Puppet Master and, to celebrate, Full Moon Features has teamed up with Dynamite Entertainment to produce collectibles and other projects from the Puppet Master series. A crowdfunding campaign was recently launched to support the trading card release and it's already successfully funded, so fans will be able to get some pretty cool campaign-exclusive cards, along with the main set. To give you a taste of what's to come, we have an exclusive look at the gallery for both the crowdfunder-exclusive cards AND the vintage clay-stock cards:

Dynamite Entertainment is excited to announce a new licensing partnership with Full Moon Features, to produce collectibles and other projects featuring their legendary Puppet Master series of films, in celebration of the franchise’s 35th anniversary.

With plans to unleash an exciting set of trading cards celebrating the franchise’s history across its dozen-plus film entries, fans can stay tuned for further information on this project and the possibility of others in this collaboration.

Puppet Master is one of the most unique and classic franchises in horror,” said Nick Barruccci, Dynamite CEO and Publisher. “We’re excited to connect with the diehard fans of the films and deliver something truly special for their collections.”

“The Puppet Master series might just be the most important franchise in our vast Full Moon film universe,” said Charles Band, CEO and Founder of Full Moon. “So, it is extremely important to us that our brand be forever in good hands. The Dynamite team have surpassed all of our expectations, creating a collection of cards that exemplify the magic, mystery and visual grandeur of Puppet Master and the iconic characters within. We couldn’t be more pleased with this partnership.”

The Puppet Master series kicked off in 1989 with its eponymous first entry. Anthropomorphic puppets animated by an ancient Egyptian spell wreak havoc, equipped with dangerous devices and weapons and out to threaten people, or even to fight against other puppets. The film is considered one of the key cult hits of the home video and rental era of horror. Its massive success and following led to 10 sequels, a reboot, spinoffs, and crossovers.

To support the campaign, head over to BackerKit.

"It’s the little things in life … and death! So say hello to our little friends: Blade. Pinhead. Tunneler. Leech Woman. Jester. Six Shooter. Torch. Decapitron. The all-stars of Full Moon Features’ legendary Puppet Master series — now in an exclusive, collectible card set authorized by Full Moon impresario Charles Band himself. Focusing on the first five films, these trading cards give us classic moments from the series movies starring all your favorite murderous marionettes.

It’s no big thing — just the greatest collectible-card set ever to star these foot-tall masters of mayhem!"

To view the card galleries, click on the images below to view the PDF.

Exclusive Backer Cards: A campaign-exclusive booster pack for backers, along with other exclusive cards in the set that include signed, sketch, and foil cards.

80s VINTAGE CARDS: "These 9 cards are made on a unique cardstock similar to the classic "claystock" trading cards you may remember from the 1980s."

On top of the galleries, we also have a look at the sketch cards and the foil pack: