The first issue of Hellraiser: The Dark Watch was released last month and we've been providing readers with a look at some of the upcoming covers. Today, we have an exclusive cover reveal for Hellraiser: The Dark Watch #5.

"Harry D’Amour may be the new high priest of Hell, but he’s learning quickly that doesn’t promise much in Leviathan’s realm. The Cenobites only follow him grudgingly, and seemingly are acting on orders coming directly from Leviathan...meanwhile, D’Amour’s allies on Earth begin to think Harry has been corrupted beyond salvation by his new position. As Leviathan makes his next move, will the estranged allies be able to rise to the challenge? Master of Horror Clive Barker and Brandon Seifert (WITCH DOCTOR) along with artist Tom Gareia continue the new era of HELLRAISER!"

Author(s): Clive Barker, Brandon Seifert
Artist(s): Tom Garcia
Cover Artist(s): Sami Makkonen

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