Set for release on September 17th, we have the exclusive cover reveal from J.D. Graves' Mayhem Sam, the upcoming splatter western from Dead Sky Publishing!

"Finally, the legendary true story unfolds in all its gory detail. In 1867, a series of unfortunate events sees the teenage Samantha Gray marry the famous Captain Jakes. Once his bride is installed at Sweet Pine, her charming fairy tale honeymoon unravels with diabolical intensity.

When Samantha discovers the Captain’s amorous interests in her younger sister, Sweet Pine becomes the young bride’s prison. Now forced into a life of unrelenting servitude, Samantha plots her revenge. However, rumors of the Captain’s ill-gotten riches have drawn the attention of a ruthless gang of cutthroats. And this unwanted intrusion threatens to ruin all of Mrs. Jakes best laid plans.

Mayhem Sam is a rip-roaring tall-tale of revenge that drags a coffin of stolen confederate gold across the hellscape of Reconstruction Texas, the red dirt plains of Oklahoma, and explodes at the top of a Colorado mountain. Mayhem Sam is the true story of Texas’s tallest tale and its deepest, darkest legend."

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Mayhem Sam (ISBN: 978-1639511723)

Art by Luke Spooner: