For the second part of our Haven Season 3 features, I have my interview with the show's star, Emily Rose. We talked about the series taking a darker turn, fan feedback, and she gave me more details on the prank that was pulled on Lucas Bryant during filming:

From the first episode it seems that the series is taking a darker turn in season 3. How would you compare the new season to the past two?

Emily Rose: It's exciting because this year marks the first year that we've moved to become a fall show and there are a lot of expectations. One of the changes is that the show has become a lot darker in general. Initially I was a little scared of that, because I love the quirkiness and light heartedness amidst all of that weird stuff. This year has been exciting, because with the darkness, there are more ambitious situations. From an acting point of view, I love being able to do deeper and darker things.

With the first episode, I was thrilled that they would let Audrey go to that place and it's really fascinating to see what happens when she's faced with some of these big situations. It's interesting to see what happens to her relationships as a result.

The premiere is more of a sci-fi episode than we've previously seen on Haven. Would you say that the rest of the season has a similar mix of genres?

Emily Rose: I was excited when I read that episode. Thinking about our season and some of the troubles that happen, the special effects really supported the ability to go to some of those places. The first episode has that Spielberg-esque feeling and the second episode is a very creepy version of sci-fi. The third is creepy and disgusting, so there's a bit of everything.

The format of the show has included a new trouble each week, but we juggle both that and the mythology this season. We don't just bring in the mythology every once in a while and are dealing with it throughout.

Last year, Haven had a bonus Christmas episode. Is one planned for this year?

Emily Rose: We didn't film a Christmas special this year, but there is a Halloween episode that's interesting to do in a dark, scary show. That's our only tip to a holiday episode and Jason Priestley directed it. It's always fun to have him back.

You're friends with Lucas and Eric outside of the show. How has that improved your work on season 3 and what do you three do when not filming?

Emily Rose: Lucas and I worked together two months before we filmed Haven on a completely separate movie of the week project in Canada. Shortly after, I auditioned for Haven and was so excited when I saw him on the list. He's such a great guy, we have so much fun, and he's super talented too. Last year, the weather was really nasty, but this year was sunny. We'd do things together like kayaking and surfing on the weekends. It really added to our chemistry on screen .

Those guys are family to me and I'm so thankful, but I have a feeling that your interview will cut to Lucas' response where he says that he hates us, so I'll say that I never want to work with him again. He ruined my life! [laughs]

Speaking of Lucas... I asked him about bloopers and pranks, and he mentioned that his high school photo was plastered all over the set.

Emily Rose: [Laughs] It was our absolute joy to discover that the picture of Lucas was real. Our producers are really big about getting insert shots so that the audience can examine items for themselves. I know that this picture would be featured for a long time and it's absolutely hysterical.

Usually, Lucas is the one that has the upper hand and gives everyone a hard time. So, for me to lift up the picture, watch him turn different shades of red, and see him crawl around was such a pleasure. I can't tell you what a pleasure it was.

Now, when I talked to Lucas, he made it seem like he was the innocent party here.

Emily Rose: For a long time on set, Lucas would give the transportation guys a hard time. It came to a point where they would do something to his trailer every day. He has a reputation for being quite an instigator and I do not feel bad for anything he gets in return [laughs].

Haven has a dedicated fanbase that continues to grow. I know you're on Twitter, but do you spend a lot of time reading fan feedback?

Emily Rose: Eric and I are very much on Twitter and in that world. I come from a lot of theater training, so I'm used to knowing and gauging an audience's response. Being on Twitter is one way I can gauge my audience, although I do take some of the comments with a grain of salt, because I'm aware that people have their favorite characters and identify with them in certain ways.

One of the things I've been hearing is that people are dying for the show to start, because it usually starts in the Summer. I take that as a compliment and am so thankful that people want to spend time with these characters and miss them. The premiere will not let people down and will very much be worth the wait.

The other thing that I will confess to, is that I enjoy watching all of the fan videos. I like them because they are set to music and don't have a lot of our lines. As an actor, I can see that the things we worked hard on really landed with people. I probably spend too much time online... [Laughs]

Thank you for taking the time to talk with me today. Before we wrap up, can you tell our readers what they can look forward to this season?

Emily Rose: I think that this season is going to make people jump out of their seats and say "oh my god" so many times. It's going to be a bit of a journey to get there, but episode 9 is a huge episode. If you want to see these relationships materialize, especially the love triangle, this episode is going to have it. And by that, I mean bromance between Balfour and Lucas [laughs].

Fans are going to get teased for a long time and then rewarded. It's going to be such an emotional roller coaster, where by the end of the season, you'll be excited, frustrated, and confused. It's going to be great and you won't be disappointed.


The first episode of Haven Season 3 premieres tomorrow night on Syfy, and keep an eye out for more Haven coverage this week, including photos, videos, and a contest. If you missed yesterday's coverage, make sure to check out our recent interview with Lucas Bryant here: