247°F was released to Blu-ray/DVD this week and we had the opportunity to chat with Tyler Mane, who told us about his role in the movie and gave an update on his upcoming projects:

In the original announcements for 247°F, I noticed that Mane Entertainment was mentioned as being involved on the production side of things. Is that still the case?

Tyler Mane: I had removed myself from the production, but I helped with casting and all of that. I think we put together a really great cast.

What intrigued you about this concept and made you want to be a part of it?

Tyler Mane: It was an opportunity to play a role that I saw like The Big Lebowski. He's the fun loving guy that runs the resort where the kids stay. It was kind of a nice little change.

Were you excited to be working again with Scout Taylor-Compton? Did the two of you have time to hang out on and off set?

Tyler Mane: Yeah, we're like family. She calls me dad and I treat her like one of my kids. It was a great time working with her again, because I have so much fun with her. When we were on and off set, we spent time together. She's a great person, a great actress, and she gave her heart on this.

With Mane Entertainment, you're moving into more independent horror productions. Do you feel more comfortable working on indie films? Do you find that they allow you more freedom?

Tyler Mane: The reason why I agreed to do it at all is because the indie film market is the place to be nowadays. I wanted to get my foot in the door and this was a great way to do that. We recently completed work on our first film from Mane Entertainment, Compound Fracture. I started Mane Entertainment so that I could be more creative and be more involved in that aspect. Compound Fracture was written by my wife, produced by us, and we're both acting in it. It's a great vehicle of us.

Since you're getting more involved on the writing and producing end, do you have plans to take it a step further? Is directing something you're interested in?

Tyler Mane: I would definitely love to do that. I transitioned from wrestling, to film, to producing, and I would love to transition to directing. I just have to wait for the right moment and time. We're actually going to be starting our next picture in a few months, Penance Lane.

What can you tell me about the story?

Tyler Mane: It's about a guy, Crimson Matthews, who is released from prison. He has to go back to a house for something his cellmate said was there. What he finds in the house isn't exactly what he thought, and it is a horror thriller.

Where will filming take place?

Tyler Mane: I'd love to film it in Los Angeles. I came from Canada to be in the film industry, but you get shipped off for every picture you work on. We filmed Compound Fracture here in Los Angeles, and I think you can call more favors when you allow people to stay at home and help out when they can work it into their schedules.

What can you tell me about Compound Fracture's release plans? Will we be seeing it early next year?

Tyler Mane: There are a few different distributors that were talking with. I'd love to have it AFM so we can get it out quickly, but we just started that process now. We had a screening for distributors and fans just a couple of weeks ago and it was received very well.

We've seen your name show up on more horror conventions recently. Have you been enjoying your time interacting with the fans?

Tyler Mane: I used to do maybe one or two conventions a year, but this year I've been doing considerably more to promote the upcoming projects. The horror fanbase is fantastic. They are true fans and very loyal to the genre. To be able to interact and give back to them is great, because without them, I wouldn't have a career. I want to thanks your readers for watching and hopefully, I'll be able to keep pumping out movies and keeping them happy.