Moon Lake: Guide to the Dark Side is now available from Heavy Metal and Simon & Schuster, and we have an exclusive preview just for Daily Dead readers, along with comments from series creator Dan Fogler! As with Moon Lake: Tales of Lunacy, this third volume of Moon Lake continues to set up an intriguing world for an upcoming animated series.

Synopsis: "Moon Lake is a mysterious portal into the bizarre, the demented and monsterous.

A mysterious portal into the bizarre and demented. Zombie dinosaurs, a mass-murdering high school cheerleader, and an interdimensional sasquatch trying to save his species from extinction. All created by the lunar radiation in the small town of Moon Lake."

Dan Fogler was kind enough to provide some exclusive comments on the new release to give Daily Dead readers a tease of what they can find within the pages of Moon Lake: Guide to the Dark Side:

"Moon Lake Volume 3 contains all new content never before published from top-notch talent including Alex Horley, Brendan Columbus, George C. Romero, Becky Cloonan, and tons more. And I'm so excited to be working with Heavy Metal on this book, and doubly excited to be working with Heavy Metal Studios, Bardel Entertainment (Rick and Morty), and Daniel Powell (Irony Point) to develop a Moon Lake series for television!"

With cover art by Ray Dillon, we have preview pages from "Rise of the Zombie King," written by Fogler, illustrated by Alex Horley, and featuring the recurring living dead character from the first two volumes of Moon Lake!

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