Featuring the latest adventure of two brothers (one of whom is a robot) traveling treacherous lands as they seek to reclaim their family fortune, Vasator and Crunch: Into the Valley of Ash is one of several comic book stories showcased in Heavy Metal Magazine #319, and with the new issue out now, we've been provided with an exclusive preview of the new Vasator and Crunch story to share with Daily Dead readers!

Below, you can read our exclusive preview of Vasator and Crunch: Into the Valley of Ash, which was written and created by David Erwin and features artwork by Andrea Milano, lettering by Saida Temofonte, and editing by Morgan Rosenblum.

To learn more about Heavy Metal Magazine #319 (which also includes "the penultimate chapter of Joe Trohman, Brian Posehn, and Scott Koblish's horror tale The Axe, the final chapter from Book 1 of Matthew Medney's sci-fi saga Dark Wing, and the continuation of the epic space opera SPU Dolores"), visit:

Vasator and Crunch: What if Conan the Barbarian had a younger brother, and he happens to be a robot? Well, you end up with the story of Vasastor and Crunch. The tale follows two loving brothers whose family fortune is taken from them by a new young king. Destitute and filled with vengeance, together they travel the many kingdoms as mercenaries and treasure seekers, hoping to earn enough funds to buy an army. Through their perilous journey to find riches, they encounter strange lands, civilizations, and monsters.

Vasator and Crunch: Into the Valley of Ash -- Credits
Written by David Erwin // Art by Andrea Milano // Letters by Saida Temofonte // Edited by Morgan Rosenblum

Cover A by Pascal Blanche:

Cover B by Caio Cacau:

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