From Michael Moreci, Nathan Gooden, Addison Duke, and Jim Campbell, Barbaric is easily one of my favorite recent comic book releases. Giving readers an action-packed and blood-filled yet humorous story that will please any fantasy fan, I'm always suggesting it to new and lifelong comic book readers alike. I'm thrilled that Vault Comics has provided us with the entire first issue of Barbaric #1 exclusively for Daily Dead readers, along with an extended preview of the first issue in the upcoming standalone spinoff series Queen of Swords!

Barbaric #1: Barbaric #1 is collected with the other two issues as part of Barbaric Vol. 1: Murderable Offenses:

"Owen The Barbarian has an axe. And he's gonna do good with it if he has to kill someone.

Owen the Barbarian has been cursed to do good with what remains of his life. His bloodthirsty weapon, Axe, has become his moral compass with a drinking problem. Together they wander the realm, foredoomed to help any who seek assistance. But there is one thing Owen hates more than a life with rules: Witches.

Welcome to the skull-cracking, blood-splattering, mayhem-loving comic brave enough to ask: How can a man sworn to do good do so much violence? Hah! F***ing with you. It’s just…BARBARIC."

Creative team: Michael Moreci (Writer), Nathan Gooden (Artist, Cover Artist), Addison Duke (Colorist), Jim Campbell (Letterer)

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Queen of Swords #1:

"Spinning out of the pages of BARBARIC comes an all-new, standalone, rip-roaring fantasy adventure, filled with mayhem, humor, and a bloodthirsty weapon that just won't stop talking! Serra is a witch with a checkered past; Ka is an assassin with an agenda all her own, and Deadheart is a barbarian who wants to bash everyone in her path. They'll have to unite their unique skills to track down a powerful foe who's tied their lives together. Get ready to meet your new favorite instrument of death-the evil Ga'Bar, whose spirit is now trapped in Deadheart's sword!

Discover the origin of the dark magic that turned Soren into the tattooed witch she is today, in this totally new story, the perfect place to step into the world of BARBARIC for the first time!"

Creative Team: (W) Michael Moreci (CA) K.J. Diaz (A/CA) Corin Howell

Releases June 14, 2023 (Reserve your copy with retailers by 5/14)

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