I recently interviewed Robert Hall to discuss the Blu-ray release of Lighting Bug. While we'll be posting the full interview shortly, I wanted to let readers know what he had to say about his remake of Chopping Mall and another movie he's planning to direct called Rotten Face.

You may not remember hearing about the Chopping Mall remake, because the last we reported on it was back in late 2011. Robert Hall’s Dry County Entertainment acquired the rights to Chopping Mall with plans to go into production in early 2012. We had been wondering if the project had been canceled, but Robert Hall told us that the remake is still moving forward:

"Chopping Mall is still on the slate. We're working with Roger [Corman] on that and we have it in development. My writing partner, Kevin Bocarde, is doing the heavy lifting right now. He has a script that I'm supposed to start my pass on pretty soon. We have a pretty solid plan for getting it out and it might even start rolling sometime late summer."

The original Chopping Mall was produced by Roger Corman, directed by Jim Wynorski, and involved killer robots that attack teens locked in a shopping mall. Back in 2011, it was said that the new story would revolve around supernatural elements instead of robots, but we haven't heard if the story has changed much since. Hopefully, we'll have more to report on later this year.

Robert Hall also mentioned that Rotten Face is another project he's hoping to direct soon and says that it will be different from what he's done on the Laid to Rest movies:

"There also a film with Johnathon Schaech that I'm directing. It's more of a Requiem for a Dream-type film that we're pushing to get made. I think it's going to happen soon and it's called Rotten Face. It's really dark and it's going to be a kick-ass movie.

We'll have our full Lightning Bug interview with Robert Hall in the near future. If you're in the LA area and would like to meet him, he's appearing at Dark Delicacies Bookstore tonight at 7PM for a Lightning Bug signing event. For more information, visit:    http://www.darkdel.com/