"Root for the spectral super-robot that battles the giant monsters from beyond!" Albatross Funnybooks and Dark Horse Comics have teamed up for a MegaGhost paperback volume and "invite readers to join an arcane adventure that brings back the action-packed thrills of Saturday morning cartoons, blended with supernatural chills!"

Written by Gabe Soria and illustrated by Gideon Kendall, the upcoming volume collects issues #1-5, includes all-new cover by Kendall, and also features the previously uncollected holiday special “MegaGhost of Christmas.”

"The MegaGhost Saturday morning cartoon was legendary, if short-lived, and in what can only be described as the most fantastic case of the Mandela Effect EVER, the only two people on Earth who seem to remember it are Soria and Kendall. Lucky for us, they’ve joined forces to dig deep into their memories of MegaGhost and reanimate it's bonkers combination of kaiju battles and paranormal mysteries, now presented in this all-new action-packed adventure. Did MegaGhost exist? Or is it just a figment of their fevered imaginations? Either way, readers get a thrilling, all-ages comic that pairs perfectly with a bowl of sugary cereal and fights over the remote."

MegaGhost Synopsis: "Junior occultist Martin Magus lives in the perpetually possessed city of Dunwich Heights, where things couldn’t possibly get any weirder. That is, until he discovers a cursed ring that allows him to summon three spirits who can combine to form MEGAGHOST, a giant supernatural robot sworn to defend the world against magical monsters and otherworldly creeps that go SMASH in the night!"

MegaGhost will be available in bookstores on January 7th, 2025, and comic book shops on January 8th, 2025. You can pre-order now from your local comic book store, bookstore, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble for $19.99.

For fans wanting to know more about the future of MegaGhost beyond this first volume, we've also been told that "Die-hard MegaGhost believers will need to keep their eyes peeled for even more MegaGhost, coming soon!"