Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor is known for his deep-seated love of the horror genre (he recently appeared in the documentary on ’80s horror, In Search of Darkness), and now he’s about to put that passion to good use, as we have learned that not only will he be directing a horror film in the near future, but he’s also teamed up with Tom Savini Studios to bring all the gory goods to life for the big screen.

We don’t have a ton of exact details just yet, but what we do know so far is that the Taylor’s directorial debut is currently in pre-production, and that both Savini as well as his right-hand man, Jason Baker, are thrilled to be teaming up with Taylor for the project.

According to Baker, “I am thrilled that we are able to finally start slowly talking about the fact that Tom and I are going to be involved with Corey Taylor's new horror movie, and that we will be handling the special makeup effects for it. We're not allowed to talk about plot details or titles or anything like that right now, but I will say that the script is totally f--ked up, Corey's got some really sick things planned for this, and I'm super excited to be a part of it.”

“We have always had such a great time collaborating with Corey, doing his masks and everything, but the best thing about working with him is that I made a friend. Corey's such a wonderful, fun person to be around. The guy has been through hell, and to come out of everything that he has laughing about it, those kinds of people are such unicorns. So, when they come into your life, you just want to hold on to them with everything, and of course you want to work with them and do whatever you can to support their creativity. We’re extremely excited.”

[Photo Credit: Above photo from Corey Taylor's Instagram page.]

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    I Love You Both, Corey and Tom! I’m so excited, can’t wait … aaaah thats so awesome! <3

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