With Carl having a major role in The Walking Dead Season 4's latest episode, I thought it would be a great time to catch up Chandler Riggs to find out about his time on set. In part two of our exclusive Q&A feature, Chandler told me about his reaction to having the opportunity to step out on his own in Episode 409, working with Greg Nicotero and Andrew Lincoln, and he teases what's ahead:

Fans have watched Carl growing up on screen and we've seen you grow tremendously as an actor as well. Were you more excited or nervous (or a little of both) when you found out that a majority of episode 409 was dedicated to Carl?

Chandler Riggs: I was really excited. It's way easier to be in every day to sort of stay in the zone. Working on Mercy and Home Invasion was like that, and for me it is the best.

Greg Nicotero is not only a master when it come to special effects, but he's a great director as well. What was it like working with him on this episode?

Chandler Riggs: We have been working together so many years and he always knows exactly what he wants. He's great because he spends extra time with actors so that, by the time we film, we know what he expects for a scene.

You have a number of great scenes where you're fighting off Walkers. What was the most fun and most challenging part of filming these scenes?

Chandler Riggs: The most fun was the walker busting through the door! The most challenging was when they piled on me- they were heavy and I was really getting squished.

Rick is knocked out for most of the episode, giving you a good bit of time on your own. Did Andrew Lincoln or anyone else give you any advice that helped you when filming the scenes on your own?

Chandler Riggs: Greg was great because he helped me understand Carl's mindset as I was working through emotions. Andy is the best to work with because we really are close and the feelings are always real in our scenes.

Moving forward, it seems like we're going to see a different Carl than we have in the past. Can you give our readers a little tease of what's coming up for Carl in the rest of Season 4?

Chandler Riggs: Haha. I can only say that since he's still just a kid, everything doesn't always go well for Carl!


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