As The Walking Dead continues, fewer and fewer characters from the first season remain. Over the course of the four seasons, we've not only seen Carl grow as a character, but Chandler Riggs grow as an actor, and I think Daily Dead readers will especially enjoy his performance in Episode 4.09.

The Walking Dead returns this Sunday and I caught up with Chandler Riggs to ask him all about his work on Season 4. Continue on to read about his favorite moments from Season 4, getting involved in more of the action, learning from Andrew Lincoln, and his experience with fans:

Thanks for taking the time to talk with me, Chandler. I really enjoyed seeing where the writers have been taking Carl in Season 4. What was one of your favorite moments from the first half?

Chandler Riggs: I am such a huge Phineas & Ferb fan, so being in scenes with Vincent (voices Phineas) was really cool. My favorite moment this season was when Andy presented my machine gun at 12:01 AM on my birthday and demanded, "Get this man some bullets!" At 14, I can finally fire real guns on set!

Carl has a much more physical role in this season. Were you excited to get involved in more of the action?

Chandler Riggs: Yes! It was really fun- and sometimes more painful- to be way more involved. I have a stunt double, but they usually let me try the stunt. You'll see one Sunday.

You're surrounded by many talented actors and have been growing up with them on The Walking Dead. Spending so much time with Andrew Lincoln, what's the biggest thing you've learned from him when it comes to acting?

Chandler Riggs: To really live in that moment, and just be the character and we've worked so much together that it is really easy to become Carl when we are together. A big thing about Andy is how he encourages all of the actors in each scene and really works to make them shine. He treats all crew and cast with great respect.

Every season sees the loss of a major character and Hershel was taken out during the mid-season finale. Is it difficult for you to lose the people you've worked with leave each season?Do you stay in touch with Jon, Sarah, or any of the others that have left the show?

Chandler Riggs: It is hard. I am learning that's how this business is sometimes, though. But a great thing is that I get to see them at conventions, and it's like a reunion.

The mid-season finale, with The Governor attacking the prison, has to be one of the biggest action sequences I've seen on television. Can you tell us about your experience filming that episode?

Chandler Riggs: It was sort of split all up, so most cast were there on different days. It was really an emotional scene when we spotted the empty baby carrier. Andy was totally into character and really sad. It brought a lot of emotion for me and I was able to feed off his emotion.

You spend quite a bit of time at conventions. What do you enjoy most about interacting with the fans? Is there any fan moment in particular that really stands out and you'd like to share with our readers?

Chandler Riggs: I am always amazed at how much they care about all of the characters. I heard, "Why'd you kill Dale?" for years! But so many are happy Carl is tougher now, and they are pulling for me, I think. This one fan had nearly a hundred Walking Dead items, many custom or hand-made, that he wanted autographed, and I had never seen so much stuff!

On top of The Walking Dead, we covered the news that you filmed Mercy with Joel Courtney. What can you tell us about your role in that movie? Do you have any other projects coming up?

Chandler Riggs: In Mercy Joel and I are brothers helping our mom deal with our aging Grandma and of course the insanity begins since it's in a Stephen King short story. I just completed another feature called Home Invasion with Bella Thorne which is about a family who are attacked in their home. I thought it was pretty scary during filming.


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