From director Lee Esposito and Terror Films, we have an exclusive look at the trailer for Lillith, headed to VOD platforms this July!

"Jenna Collins (Nell Kessler) is a girl whose heart has been broken by her self-absorbed boyfriend, Brad (Michael Finnigan). With some convincing from her best friend Emma (Robin Carolyn Parent), Jenna turns to the dark arts to seek revenge. That vengeance comes in the form of Lillith (Savannah Whitten), a murder-hungry siren from hell. Jenna quickly realizes that her new friend Lily is more than what she bargained for. The lust demon embarks on a sex-fueled killing spree with no end in sight. Can Jenna and her friends stop Lillith in time before the entire campus is doomed?

Langston Fishburne (“Ant-Man and the Wasp”) also stars in the film."

Director Lee Esposito talks about how he got into filmmaking at a young age and the movie that kicked off his love of horror:

“I was inspired to become a filmmaker at a young age, when I discovered a box of my father’s old film-school books. It was only a matter of time before I started making short films of my own. I completed my first project at the age of 10 and haven't stopped since. Growing up, I was not a fan of horror films. I was terrified. I refused to watch them. Then when I was in high school, my friends and I watched “Nightmare on Elm Street” and I loved it. I’m a big fan of 90’s horror films. I watch as many horror movies that I can get my hands on.”

Lillith is on Demand and Digital July 9 from Terror Films.