While the US is used to seeing the 144 minute version of The Shining, the UK version is about 20 minutes shorter. That will change when the extended US cut is released to UK theaters this Halloween. It has also been mentioned that a US theatrical run is planned as well.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the British Film Institute is preparing a theatrical release of The Shining in the UK. Specific screening information has not been provided, but we know that it will be the 144 minute US cut and it sounds like the film will be newly re-mastered for the release. We'll provide more details on screening locations and dates as soon as they are released.

We have even less information on what is going on in the US, but it is being reported that that Warner Bros. is planning their own US screening of The Shining to coincide with the UK release. Keep in mind that this 144 minute cut is what is currently available to purchase on DVD/Blu-ray in the United States. This will not contain the epilogue that Stanley Kubrick cut from the original film at the last minute.

If you're a fan of the movie and Stephen King novel, there are plenty developments with the property that you may be interested in. Stephen King has written a sequel to The Shining, titled Doctor Sleep, which follows a 40-year old Danny Torrance. The novel will be released in 2013 and you can learn more at: http://dailydead.com/doctor-sleep-official-synopsis-and-release-date-for-the-shining-sequel/

Warner Bros. is also considering a prequel to The Shining movie, although it is in the very early development stages: http://dailydead.com/warner-bros-developing-a-prequel-to-the-shining/

Source: THR
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  • DarrenJones75

    When the Shining was first show on UK tv in the 80’s funning enough it was The US version that was shown, following showings were the Shorter UK version I have both versions as I remember Watching the longer version on TV as a child(well around 13!) and have to say the UK version is better the US version is way to long.