If coffee isn't helping you wake up in the morning anymore, then you might want to stock your cupboards with eye-opening zombie mugs from Turkey Merck Pottery.

Recently reported on by GeekTyrant, and made with impeccable attention to detail by sculptor Kevin "Turkey" Merck, the "Slow Joe" zombie mugs will be available to pre-order for $220 apiece on Merck's online shop on Tuesday, February 9th. Ten mugs will go up for sale at 5:00am EST, followed by ten more at 4:00pm EST and 40 more at 9:00pm EST.

Below, we have official details and images of the Slow Joe zombie mugs, as well as a look at other living dead mugs Turkey Merck has created over the years. To learn more, visit:

From TurkeyMerck.com: "Each mug is made of stoneware, coated in a food-safe glaze and fired to 2200 (F) degrees to ensure it is completely functional, durable and safe to drink from.

All cast mugs are dishwasher and microwave safe.

Joe can handle 13oz of your favorite morning brew.

NOTE: Although each mug is dishwasher and microwave safe, we highly recommend gently hand-washing your mug after use."

Images from Facebook:

Source: GeekTyrant
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