For years, Ship To Shore PhonoCo have helped spotlight the soundtracks to cult horror movies, including George A. Romero's Martin, and this October they're presenting a live performance of the iconic score to Lucio Fulci's The Beyond, performed by the composer himself, Fabio Frizzi:

On October 29th at the Music Hall of Williamsburg, Frizzi and his band will perform his Composer's Cut of The Beyond score, followed by an October 30th performance of selected score excerpts from several of Fulci's films. We have official details and a score excerpt that you can listen to below, and to learn more, visit the Music Hall of Williamsburg online.

"Ship to Shore are presenting the New York City debut of legendary Italian horror film soundtrack composer, Fabio Frizzi and his 8-piece band on October 29 and October 30 at Music Hall of Williamsburg.

Ship to Shore will offer a limited edition 45 on two variants of color vinyl. The 45 will feature Frizzi's classic themes sold exclusively at both shows.

On 10/29, Frizzi will perform his brand new expanded "Composer's Cut" of Italian horror icon Lucio Fulci's cult classic, The Beyond. The live score will be accompanied by a screening of the original uncut version of the film. [Tickets]

On 10/30, he will be perform live suites from Fulci's seminal films including Zombi 2, Seven Notes In Black, The Beyond, etc. with imagery from these films. [Tickets]. Ship to Shore will offer a limited edition 45 featuring Frizzi's classic themes sold exclusively at both shows.

Frizzi is of the most revered Italian film composers, held in the same esteem as Goblin, Riz Ortolani, Ennio Morricone, Bruno Nicolai and Gianni Ferrio, His influence has been cited by such contemporary artists as Zombi and director Quentin Tarantino incorporated Frizzi's theme from Seven Notes In Black in Kill Bill: Volume 1."