"So where does it stop? 'Cause I think you might kill me if you didn't have a choice." Madison's controversial decisions, the deaths of key characters, the futures of the surviving ones, and the bloody Christmas party dinner are discussed in new behind-the-scenes videos for Fear The Walking Dead following the season 3 finale.

You can watch the behind-the-scenes videos below, and in case you missed it, read executive producer Scott M. Gimple's letter to the fans and our coverage of the upcoming crossover between Fear The Walking Dead and The Walking Dead.

"The cast and creators of 'Fear the Walking Dead' discuss the changes in the Clark family, the season's devastating deaths and what's next for Madison.

In the second half of “Fear the Walking Dead” season three, the Clarks and Ottos have secured an uneasy truce with the Nation. Former enemies must find a way to survive together. Tension mounts at Broke Jaw Ranch as their militia is decimated, resources are scarce and the Dead are encroaching. The Gonzalez Dam, a source of life, is a larger prize to the south. Strand has hit rock bottom and needs a partner to harness the world’s only currency if he is going to be resurrected. Meanwhile, Daniel has become el soldado again and bides his time in service to Lola and the dam, but hasn’t given up the ghost of Ofelia."

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