I had the opportunity to check out an early screening of Evil Dead over the weekend with director Fede Alvarez in attendance. After the screening, he took part in a Q&A session, revealing a number of interesting items, including the fact that we could eventually see a longer cut of the movie.

As we mentioned previously, the movie did require some edits to receive an R-rating. However, Alvarez said that full scenes were not removed and he thinks some of the edits may have improved the final version: "The good news is that we didn't cut out anything. We just had to trim frames... The movie didn't suffer at all and I was happy with this cut... it ended up being more subtle in some levels."

Although he considers the version going to theaters as his director's cut, Fede Alvarez also went on to reveal that he originally put together a longer cut of the movie, and seemed pretty confident that we'll see it one day: "...I know there is going to be a version down the line, it's not up to me but..., which is my original longer cut."

If you'd like to watch the full Q&A, we've included it below, but keep in mind that SPOILERS from the movie are discussed. Evil Dead will be released everywhere on April 5th and keep an eye out for our full review later this week. Here are our recent coverage links: