Originally mentioned back in 2009, it has been announced that Tom Savini is interested in moving forward with Death Island, a new horror project where a small production team encounters the undead in Haiti:

"Several years ago Tom received a script for a unique take on the zombie film. The screenplay caught Tom’s attention, but it needed a lot of work. After many long hours with co-writer Rick Danford, Tom was able to re-write the script, enhance it and make it his own. He used his years of experience in the genre and what he feels the fans want, while also providing a fresh take on the beloved sub genre that has become so overwhelmingly popular. And with the most recent record breaking success of televisions own ‘The Walking Dead’ and the Brad Pitt Blockbuster theatrical release ‘World War Z’, there looks to be no stopping the undead.

Well now comes an incredible opportunity. Tom feels the time is now for this film and he looks to bring his very personal project to the screen that will become a staple in zombie film lore for generations to come. A film that will shock and thrill while bringing a fresh take to the table for fans the world over.

The casting for the film has already begun and the first to come aboard is horror icon Tony Todd. Tony is set to play a significant role in the film. Genre favorite Tiffany Shepis is also on board and we are very excited to have her. And look for more names to be added as we roll towards the production start date."

Death Island is a project that they are taking the crowdfunding route and details are supposed to be released next month on the official Death Island website. If the fundraising efforts are successful, the plan is to begin production toward the end of the year. We'll have more details in the near future, but until then, here's the official synopsis:

"Legend has it that several years ago, during an aborted invasion of Haiti by US forces, several shamans created a zombie army to help defend their homeland from invading troops. It is believed that these creatures still prowl the surrounding islands and have been blamed for the disappearance of many tresspassing tourists. But when a small film production team visits one of the islands, they soon learn, while fighting for their very survival, that some legends are real."