Last week we reported that a new Alan Wake game will be revealed on December 10th at Spike's Video Game Awards. The game is not the rumored Alan Wake 2, but a full standalone download title on Xbox Live Arcade. Since the news broke, the first screenshot has been released and we also have new game details.

The title of the game is Alan Wake's Night Springs, and from taking a look at the screen below, it appears that Alan Wake is still the main character and he'll be taking a trip to the town of Night Springs. In the original game, “Night Springs” is a fictional TV series within the game that is similar to The Twilight Zone.

We've received a number of questions from readers about this game, and here is what we know so far (which is subject to change):

-You will not need the original game to play this game. It is being called a "full download title" and will be a standalone game that you can buy over Xbox Live Arcade.

-There is the main story mode as well as an "arcade action" mode.

-The game will feature collectibles, achievements, a leaderboard, and a marketplace.

-We've seen a title screen for the game which shows an "unlock full game" option, so we expect that a demo version of the game will be offered at launch, with the ability to pay to unlock the full game.

We've included the first screenshot below, thanks to Game Informer. The official game reveal will take place during the Video Game Awards Saturday, December 10 on Spike TV at 8:00 p.m.