First Image from Walking Dead Game

2011/07/23 23:40:40 +00:00 | Jonathan James

Telltale Games officially announced The Walking Dead video game in February, but we haven't seen any in-game images until now.

The Walking Dead game is based on the comic book series, but will tell an original story and feature original lead characters.  You'll be playing as Lee Everett, a convict who escapes in the middle of the initial zombie outbreak. You'll join up with 7yr old Clementine and must survive both zombie and human threats. The game has been described as:

"...a more personal story built on narrative, but not moral, choices. [Telltale] talked about an adventure game stuffed with moment-to-moment micro-choices, a game more experiential than your typical horror game.... Players will be forced to make hard decisions over the course of the game, whether to save the life of one person over that of another's..."

Telltale has secured a “multi-year, multi-platform, multi-title” deal and we should see the first game's release later this year.

"The folks at Telltale are bringing an ink and watercolor aesthetic to the The Walking Deadgame that they say strives to match the visual style of comic artist Charlie Adlard. The 3D adventure game will feature a distinctively loose concept art approach, with textures designed with ink lines and watercolor streaks in mind."

Source: Kotaku