First Photo from Hellions

2013/11/29 20:10:48 UTC

HellionsBruce McDonald recently wrapped up filming Hellions and the first official photo from the movie has been released. The indie director is probably best known by horror fans for Pontypool and he returns to the genre with a Halloween-themed story:

"A pregnant teen must survive a Halloween night from Hell when three malevolent trick-or-treaters come knocking."

Starring Chloe Rose and Robert Patrick, it's been said that a majority of the movie was shot in infrared. Here's what McDonald told Twitch during a recent interview:

"In the script it's a red moon, kind of a spooky supernatural night. Halloween night. So there were two elements in the script that triggered us to this. The red moon and the fact that time moves very strangely.

We thought we could shoot this all night with some kind of red filter but then we thought because of the time factor maybe it's more of a parallel dimension like a Wizard of Oz sort of thing. At the emotional peak of the story things just flip. The switch is thrown."

We hope to have much better look at Hellions early in 2014. Until then, check out the first official still below:


Source: Twitch