With the fourth episode of The Walking Dead video game scheduled for release later this month, the first trailer for Around Every Corner has been released.

Sadly, a specific release date for each platform has not yet been announced, but this is similar to the previous episode releases. The lack of an exact release date is due to the approval process that each platform has, but we should see the PC, Xbox LIVE, PlayStation, and Mac version before the end of the month.

As reported earlier, we'll be getting a box release of all five episodes this December for those that are waiting to play it all at once. That means that we should see the release of Episode 5, titled No Time Left, in late November or early December.

Based on comments from Telltale Games and the success of the first three episodes, don't expect episode 5 to be the end of The Walking Dead video game series. Episodes 1-5 are referred to as a first season and we think it's very likely that a second season will be released next year. If you're looking for a game with a bit more action, there is also a separate FPS video game being developed at Activision that takes place in the world of the TV series and follows Daryl Dixon.

For more details on the previously released third episode of The Walking Dead video game, visit our earlier coverage at: http://dailydead.com/episode-3-of-the-walking-dead-video-game-is-now-available-on-all-platforms/

Source: IGN