In addition to showing Jason Voorhees donning the hockey mask for the first time (courtesy of Shelly), Steve Miner's Friday the 13th Part III is memorable for its farmhouse frights, as all hell breaks loose at Higgins Haven in the final act, including Chris Higgins driving an axe into Jason Voorhees' skull. Following up on the behind-the-scenes photos of Friday the 13th Part III’s alternate ending that were unveiled last Halloween, another batch of unique photos from the early ’80's horror film's set have now been revealed, this time going behind-the-scenes of the movie's theatrical ending.

Director Steve Miner and the late Richard Brooker (Jason Voorhees) are featured in the Friday the 13th Part III behind-the-scenes stills revealed by, with two images showing Brooker relaxing and reading a magazine while decked out in his Jason Voorhees costume, including the axe embedded in his hockey mask. To see the full collection of behind-the-scenes photos, visit:

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