PSA: If you ever come across a book made of human flesh... don't touch it. Don't open it. Don't read any of the words aloud. On August 15th, Fright Rags will add new apparel to their Evil Dead and Evil Dead 2 collections, featuring designs by Ralf Krause, Abrar Ajmal, and Jimmy Breen. They are even bringing back the "Bloody Ash" design as well as new Ash socks by Sara Deck and five pins (one of which has a working trapdoor) designed by Matt Ryan Tobin.

From Fright Rags: "JOIN USSSSSSSS....

Coming WED 08/15 at 10am (EST)! We're adding a ton of new tees, socks and pins to our Officially Licensed EVIL DEAD & EVIL DEAD 2 Collections! Brand new designs by Ralf Krause, Abrar Ajmal, and Jimmy Breen, PLUS a classic tee by Kyle Crawford! And a re-issue of our popular BLOODY ASH design on both black tees and red/black baseball tee!

Killer new Ash SOCKS by Sara Deck, and were re-stocking fan-favorite Evil Dead socks too!

And amp up your pin game with the first pressings of our new EVIL DEAD Enamel Pins! Five new designs by Matt Ryan Tobin, including a Trapdoor pin thats opens and closes with real dangling chains!

JOIN US Wednesday 08/15 at 10am EST, and until then remember not to read the passages aloud!"

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