Poor Shelly. Other than the chocolate-loving Joey (who has been referenced plenty of times on our Corpse Club podcast—"Forget it, Vic, just forget it!") from Friday the 13th Part V: A New Beginning, Shelly from Part 3 is perhaps the most polarizing character in the franchise.

Some (like myself) find him to be a misunderstood loner seeking acceptance, while others find him annoying as hell. Either way, he's vital to the franchise for putting Jason's hockey mask in the killer's blood-smeared hands, and Fright Rags is paying their respects to the mask's original owner with their new Midnight Madness T-shirt.

Featuring Larry Zerner's memorable character from the third Friday the 13th film, Fright Rags' Shelly the 13th (can you imagine that spinoff?!) shirt is available for one day only from Friday, October 13th at 12:01am EST to Saturday, October 14th at 12:01am EST.

Artist Abrar Ajmal depicts Shelly as he would have appeared to his crush, Vera: bursting through the surface of Camp Crystal Lake with a harpoon gun in hand and a hockey mask on his head that would go on to become the face of the franchise.

Shelly once said that "being a jerk is better than being a nothing," and whether you enjoy or dislike the prankster and his antics, his impact on every Friday the 13th film since Part 3 makes him far from nothing and a whole lot of something... it's just up to you to decide what that something is.

You can view Fright Rags' latest Midnight Madness offering below, and visit their website for more information.

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