From the empathetic zombie Bub to Tom Savini's palpable makeup effects to Joe Pilato's performance as Captain Rhodes ("choke on ’em!") to the movie's claustrophobic atmosphere and innovative direction by George A. Romero, there are many reasons to love Day of the Dead, and Fright-Rags pays tribute to the third entry in Romero's original "Dead Trilogy" with a new apparel collection.

You can view Fright-Rags' Day of the Dead collection below, as well as their Mars Attacks and A Quiet Place collections, and visit their website for more information.

Press Release: Fright-Rags' latest releases are all about the end of the world. Whether it's at the hands of zombies, aliens, or creatures, prepare for the apocalypse with apparel from Day of the Dead, Mars Attacks, and A Quiet Place.

Fright-Rags shines light on the darkest day of horror with the Day of the Dead collection. Six shirts have been created for George A. Romero zombie classic, including new artwork, fan-favorite designs restocked, and classic poster art.

The red planet conquers Fright-Rags with the Mars Attacks collection. Three T-shirts and a pair of socks feature artwork based on the Topps trading card series, which inspired the Tim Burton film of the same name.

Silence is survival on Fright-Rags’ A Quiet Place shirts. John Krasinski's modern horror hit has received four designs, which consist of original artwork and official assets.

Day of the Dead, Mars Attacks, and A Quiet Place collections are on sale now at

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