From her memorable performances in Re-Animator, Chopping Mall, and From Beyond to her recent work in You're Next, Sun Choke, and Channel Zero: The Dream Door, there's no doubt that Barbara Crampton is one of the most talented, inspiring, and influential icons of horror, and the genre is lucky to have her as one of its tireless ambassadors. To show their appreciation for Crampton, Fright-Rags is releasing a new, official T-shirt featuring the horror icon in stylish artwork by Kyle Crawford.

Check out the official Barbara Crampton T-shirt below, visit Fright-Rags' website for more information, and in case you missed it, listen to our previous episode of Corpse Club that featured Crampton as a special guest!

From Fright-Rags: "Official BARBARA CRAMPTON T-Shirt is NOW AVAILABLE! Don't miss your chance to grab this tee featuring the star of some of the most iconic horror cult favorites like Chopping Mall, From Beyond, Castle Freak, You're Next, We Are Still Here and of course, Re-Animator! And MORE!!


Art by Kyle Crawford"

Source: Facebook
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