Fright Rags owner Ben Scrivens teased an upcoming Mars Attacks shirt when he talked to us earlier this year and it is now available for three days only. This design was created by Jason Edmiston and is based on the original trading card series.

This shirt is being offered as a limited edition design, meaning it will be available to purchase for three days only as a pre-order. Pricing for the shirt is $25.95 and it is offered in a variety of men and women sizes.

Unlike most of the shirt releases, we actually have the full design image below, which is also being sold as an 18x24 poster:

"I have to admit, Mars Attacks trading cards freaked me out as a kid. Not "check under my bed" scared, but they did give me the creeps. I mean, here were images drawn well before I was born that depicted unspeakable horrors (that poor dog!) under the guise of a seemingly harmless childhood collectible - the trading card. Fast forward half a century since their first invasion and while these Martians may have left Earth, they never left our hearts.

With this year marking the 50th Anniversary of the big-brained alien beings, we felt it was a good time to commemorate all the years they've attempted to take us over. So we teamed up with TOPPS and the brilliant Jason Edmiston to create not only a limited edition t-shirt, but also a limited edition poster print (limited to 150!)."

For more information or to pick this up for yourself, visit: