Fright Rags Release Creepy Shirts

2011/04/27 16:00:59 +00:00 | Jonathan James

If you are a fan of Creepy magazine, Fright Rags has acquired the license and just released two limited edition shirts that feature the artwork from the first and second issue. Each shirt is selling for $21.95 (plus s/h) and we have included the artwork from the first shirt below.

For those that haven't read Creepy, it was a horror comics magazine that ran from the 60's - 80's. It was designed and marketed as magazine instead of a comic issue like Tales From the Crypt to get around the Comics Code Authority, but featured similar types of stories to the old EC comics. If you'd like to catch up, Dark Horse has reprinted a number of the first issues in an archive collection.

Source: Fright Rags