As we head deeper into the season of beachside barbecues and seasonal swimmers, you might find thoughts of Jaws nipping at your toes as you wade water, making it the perfect time of year for a new Jaws collection from Fright Rags, who have also teased a new Hannibal Lecter Midnight Madness shirt.

Featuring three new shirts, four previously released shirts, and several enamel pins, Fright Rags' new Jaws collection would be right at home in a gift shop in Amity, and all items in the collection will be available online beginning Wednesday, July 12th at 10:00am ET.

Just a few days later at 12:01am on Saturday, July 15th (and available for 24 hours only), Fright Rags will release a Midnight Madness T-shirt featuring Hannibal Lecter as a prisoner who has just finished eating a messy evening snack.

You can view all of the upcoming items below, and keep an eye on Fright Rags' website for more information.

  • Derek Anderson
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