Initially teased earlier this week, Fright Rags has now released their new Necronomicon and The Evil Dead apparel collection that features Ash, Deadites, and the book that's "bound in human flesh and inked in blood..."

Check out the press release with full details and the new images below, and visit Fright Rags to learn more about their latest collection.

Press Release: The Necronomicon was never meant for the world of the living, but Ash and his friends unwittingly used it to summon demons in Sam Raimi's The Evil Dead. Fright-Rags resurrects the ancient Book of the Dead with The Evil Dead & Necronomicon Collection.

Fright-Rags' series of The Evil Dead shirts expands with three new designs by Kyle Crawford and Abrar Ajmal, each available in both men's and women's sizes. Custom-made Necronomicon socks (limited to 200) and a Necronomicon pocket notebook are also available.

Conjure up The Evil Dead & Necronomicon Collection now at Products are freshly "bound in human flesh and inked in blood," and quantities are limited.

Fright-Rags is releasing even more horror movie tees on February 21, followed by new additions to the Plastic Fang line of non-horror shirts on February 23.

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