We know a lot of you are as excited as we are to get our hands on Aliens: Colonial Marines, especially after we found out that it will be a canonical sequel to Aliens. We've seen the teaser trailer and screenshots, but now we have more detailed information about what we can expect from the upcoming shooter. Continue reading to find out more...

Kotaku recently got all kinds of game details from Gearbox's Randy Pitchford during an E3 demonstration. Here is a rundown on the important bits and we also collected as much info as we could find from other sources:

[Spoiler Warning]

-The game starts after the events of Alien 3.

-You play as Colonial Marine Winter and are sent in with a group of Marines to investigate the abandoned Sulaco.

-There are three acts in the game: Act One: The Sulaco, Act Two: The planet LV-426,  and Act Three: Inside the crashed alien ship from the first film.

-Players will have the ability to jump into a power loader during the game.

-Players will be able to use pulse rifles, motion trackers, and two handed weapons.

-There will be new types of xenomorphs introduced into the game. [Additional info from MTV: "The Crusher. You know how that alien who invested the dog in 'Alien 3' was pretty nasty? Well, imagine that dog was a rhino and you're half way there."]

-Four-player co-op is planned that will allow you to drop in and out of someones campaign/mission. [Source: Punch Jump]

-You will be able to use sentry guns that were seen in the director's cut version of Aliens. [Source: WSJ]

For more information and a rundown of the gameplay demo that was being shown off during E3, visit the source link below. Aliens: Colonial Marines is expected to be released on the PC, Xbox 360, and Playstation 3 in Spring 2012. A version for the recently announced Wii U is being developed, but is only in the prototype stages and its release is not certain.

Source: Kotaku