While many kids wedged Topps baseball cards into the wheel spokes of their bicycles in the 1980's, others proudly displayed the likes of Adam Bomb and Mad Donna on their two-wheeled ride. Though it may be hard to believe, the Garbage Pail Kids celebrate their 30th anniversary this year and Topps has announced a licensing program of upcoming GPK collectibles, including an eye-grabbing, head-splitting bust.

As mentioned by Bloody Disgusting, this 30th anniversary licensing program from Topps is already underway, with Steve Jackson Games’ Super Snot Shots game having been released at New York Comic Con (with Garbage Pail Kids Disgusting Dice Game slated for a spring release) and the first issue of IDW Publishing's Garbage Pail Kids comic book series having debuted in late December, with more comic book issues to come this year.

Fans of Funko should be pleased to know that the company will be releasing Garbage Pail Kids toys and figurines, while Mighty Fine has GPK apparel on the way. Also in the mix is Trick or Treat Studios and certainly not missing out on the celebration are the folks at Topps, who will debut a 30th anniversary card set in July. Below, we have the images that accompanied Topps' Garbage Pail Kids 30th anniversary announcement (via Bloody Disgusting):

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