Legendary director George A. Romero and Howard Sherman, the actor who played the beloved zombie Bub in Romero's Day of the Dead, will be taking part in a special photo op at this year's Texas Frightmare Weekend, with Sherman wearing the iconic Bub makeup one final time.

Making the photo op even more special, special makeup effects guru Tom Savini, who originally created the look for Bub, will be on hand to supervise Face Off 2016 champion Nora Hewitt as she transforms Sherman into his zombified alter ego.

The special photo op with Romero and Sherman, fittingly dubbed "Bub & His Creator", will take place on Saturday, April 30th, and is priced at $140.00 for a photo and $200.00 for a photo autographed by both Romero and Sherman.

To learn more or reserve your photo op slot with horror film immortality, visit:

From Texas Frightmare Weekend (via Scream Factory): "Texas Frightmare Weekend is proud to present this ONE TIME photo opportunity with Howard Sherman and George A. Romero…

Sherman originally portrayed “Bub” in George A. Romero’s 1985 class-sick DAY OF THE DEAD. Now, at TFW 2016 ONLY, Sherman will transform into everyone’s favorite zombie ONE LAST TIME under the supervision of his original makeup creator Tom Savini. Additionally, Face Off 2016 winner Nora Hewitt will be doing all the work in getting Howard ready to “phone Aunt Alicia” with you by his side. Savini and Hewitt will also be appearing all weekend long.

But, the experience just wouldn’t be complete without the man who made it all possible in the first place… George A. Romero will be joining his most “domesticated” zombie for this once in a lifetime dual photo op.

Two options are available for purchase now from Wolf Studios Photography:

  • Bub and His Creator – $140 for a dual photo op with Howard Sherman in full makeup and George A. Romero.
  • Bub and His Creator Autographed – $200 for the dual photo op including autographs on your printed photo op from both Sherman and Romero.

Purchasers of the package will be able to take their printed photo op to George and Howard’s table after the op and get them signed by both! This is a significant savings over their regular autograph prices.

This photo op will never be available again. Ever. After TFW 2016, Howard will retire the character forever. This is your first and last opportunity to be a part of zombie film history. Due to the nature of this photo, it will sell out. Reserve yours here.

Howard Sherman appears courtesy of Ken Leicht and Geek Gangster Media."

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